Exciting News!

Dear friends,

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated you with new stories, but there is good reason. I had a baby, and I’ve been so completely enthralled with and consumed by motherhood. It’s a scary, beautiful time.

But there’s exciting news: Craigslist Confessional, the book, is coming out in 2020!

In the meantime, I’m working on this website and am going to be publishing new stories here, in full, on a weekly basis. That means that, as I move things around, I’ve going to be taking down most of the stories that used to live here. Never fear, though, they’ll be back.

Do sign up for the newsletter, which is sent out weekly. I’ll be sending out exclusive content, updates about the book, and some really good reading on topics routinely covered in CC interviews.

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And as always — send me a line. I love hearing from you.