Craigslist confessional: “The world makes me feel like I’m bad at being a woman,” Anonymous, 36

Kelly, 36

The world makes me feel like I’m bad at being a woman. Here’s my reality: I am an attractive and relatively in shape female in my mid-30s. I have young children for whom I employ a nanny and several babysitters. I also have a cleaning lady who comes in twice a month. My husband has a good job that puts us in a high-income bracket. We live in one of the wealthiest zip codes in America. I don’t work. And I don’t want to work. So why do I constantly feel that I need to defend my decisions?

Society has names and labels for women like me: Cinderella, bad feminist, gold digger, “do-nothing bitch.” When that book came out—the one about Park Avenue wives—one of my friends joked that it was written about me. I met my husband in college and he fit the description of the type of guy I wanted to marry—wealthy, ambitious, from a good family, etc. I didn’t grow up with big dreams and aspirations besides getting married and having children. So I went to college, got married, and I had children. I feel like I accomplished everything that I wanted...

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