Thoughts from Readers like You!

This past week, I received many responses from Craigslist Confessional readers to my original introduction to CC up on Quartz. I wanted to share one of them with you, because it's hearing your thoughts and how CC has affected you that keeps me going day after day. 

Dear Helena,

I recently read your Quartz article about how you listened to the stories of Craigslist strangers and I wanted to thank you for what you're doing and for writing about your experience. Having grown up in NYC, I feel it is especially difficult for people here to find honest relationships with each other, simply because so many people carry their own agendas. To find someone we can trust with our stories and with ourselves is truly a treasure, and you have offered this to so many people. 

I also would like to thank you for telling the story of your relationship with your parents and as a first generation immigrant. My parents and I also came to the States as immigrants. Granted, my mother held a reputable job at the time and we were well cared for, but when the company changed management, we were thrown into financial hardship. Everything you said about filial responsibility resonated with me, and I do feel the need to give back to my parents when I have the means, but it is a gesture of gratitude I truly look forward to.

You wrote that you had always wanted to have a job where you helped people and that you had gotten side-tracked. Reading this reminded me of my own desire for the very same. I dislike my current job, but it allows me the freedom and the finances to pursue my own interests. Recently I am being reminded of where my heart is and I am planning the ways in which I can pursue my desires. Reading your words have helped encourage me further.

I cannot describe how happy I was to read your article. In part because I have long wanted to do the same -- lend my ear to strangers and their stories, and also because I am in a volatile time in my life where every word of encouragement pushes me forward immensely. Thank you for your courage, your efforts, and your words.